Literary Pursuits

In addition to founding and editing the literary magazine ONIONHEAD for Arts On The Park (115 N. Kentucky Ave, Lakeland, FL 33801) for over ten years, I also found some time to write. Here's a sample...

Circuit Of Life

This world of silicon and golden trace
Though often one of logic: stone and cold
where dreams are traded: faded, lost and sold,
is sometimes blessed with purity and grace.

Systemic elements so dull, so base,
the molecules which make up board and flesh
in clean room lab or chromosomal creche,
so delicately merge within your face...

Organic synergetic interface!
Each separate feature beautiful in part
more dazzling still when mixed with soul and heart.
The light and warmth of suns your eyes outpace!

The power of the pasts you hold by will
within your eyes. So elemental still...

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